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What do I do if I want my child baptised? Christening

Contact the minister if you would like your child to be baptised.

How much does it cost?

Nothing, but after baptism you would be expected to make promises committing you and your child to God and we hope you would like to make a voluntary contribution through the collection.

The following links will open a new page and take you to more information from the Methodist Church:

           Baptism and confirmation

           Infant thanksgiving

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WeddingCan anyone get married in a Methodist Church?

Yes, provided one of the parties is resident in the Registration District where the church is situated (Bradford Metropolitan District).

Do you have to tell the Registrar?

Yes, your details need to be displayed in the Registrar's office where you live before the wedding can take place.

Does the Registrar have to be present at the wedding in church?

No, the Minister is authorised to conduct weddings in the church.

The following external link will give you more information.

Getting Married in a Methodist Church

What if one or both of us have been divorced?
The Minister will talk to you about the circumstances of the divorce and make a decision accordingly.

How much does it cost?

There are separate fees to hire the building, pay the minister and the organist. For up to date infomation and fees contact the minister

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FuneralsFuneral flowers

Can anyone have a funeral service in church?

Yes. Discuss with the minister what arrangements you require.
This can be instead of or as well as a service at the crematorium or cemetery.

            Funerals in the Methodist Church

             Leaving a Legacy to the Methodist Church Information

            Bradford Bereavement Support

            Winston’s Wish (a charity for bereaved children)

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